Turn your hard work into Opportunity

We as humans have a long list of to dos and thanks to all those faded reasons we aren’t able to keep up with even half of those to dos. And to complex it even more, many a times we end up ruffling that list like feathers which consequentially takes away that last ray of hope and effort as well. Have you ever wondered …

Why is it the way it is?

Why does this sloth and torpor affects you only and not the other one sitting beside you?

Why aren’t you able to turn it the other way around?

When you think of the reasons resenting you from persuading it, why does it all fade away?

Why most of the time the answer you end up with is - this isn’t the right time for me or I am just waiting for the opportunity?

There is a term and a slogan “SCOUT MOTTO” devised by Sir Baden-Powell an English soldier during Scout movement which simply means BE PREPARED. Here are the exact words:

“Baden-Powell wrote that to Be Prepared means “you are always in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty.”

Now this motto is something which needs to be embedded everyday in one’s daily routine and thoughts as well. Once the motto is rooted and nurtured in your actions, most of the questions above would start disappearing by itself. Now instead of wondering about the answers, your time which is slipping away from your hands every single day would be availed in creating road maps, strategizing and building plan for your upcoming business or new job, investing in right space, clearing out your aura, finding out your right niche and unlimited outcomes.

Just a light humor example: In the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Jaya Bachchan is always ready with the pooja thali to greet his son. She is completely oblivious about when her son is going to come but still she is always ready with that thali with just one belief that whenever his son would arrive she should be up and there for him. (might not be a great one but i tried ;)

To Conclude, you would never be able to recognize which time is most suitable for you to perform. Rather start working upon your plans even if you are completely unaware of the future because when the opportunity would come it wouldn’t knock your door and ask are you ready ? It would be a gust of wind and even before you recognize it Husshh.. it’s gone.




Keep hanging! You'll get there :)

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Niharika Jindal

Niharika Jindal

Keep hanging! You'll get there :)

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